Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Furniture Cleaning Flint MI Michigan

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Get your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned. With 19 years of experience (and counting), be rest-assured your furniture is in good hands. Your furniture will be dry in about 3-4 hours.

Cleaning furniture is very “detail oriented” compared to carpet cleaning. I not only clean the common areas like the seating and backing, I cover ALL areas. Arm rests are a concern and is often prone to the most soiling. What about the bottom-front areas, or the sides and back? There’s also the nooks and crannies that need attention. I take special care and go into great detail to make sure your furniture gets the “complete attention” it deserves. I take my time and make sure every area is cleaned to the best of my ability.

The process starts with the front, vacuuming any loose soil and debris that might be present. Detergent is then applied to a small section. The detergent is then worked in with an upholstery brush. Depending on the soil load, I give the detergent some dwell-time.

I let that area set for a few minutes and start the next area. I then come back and perform the actual cleaning. The area is rinse extracted. Again, depending on the condition, I might go over that area again. The area is then wiped down, making sure maximum soil is removed. This process is repeated until the entire piece of furniture is complete.

The next step is to brush it down making sure every area has been thorough detailed. I then apply Fabric Protector (if desired) to all areas. Fabric protection is highly recommended especially around kids and pets. With fabric protection another hour would be added for drying time (4-5 hours).

The detergent used is completely safe not only for your furniture but also for your family. I get asked often how safe my detergents and spot removers are. I always answer those questions the same way- I’m around these products every day and do not want to be using anything that would cause issues later in life. I Guarantee your furniture will not only look great but also smell wonderful!

Below are some basic pricing for your furniture. We start off with a “base price” as a lot of modern furniture does not come with removable cushions. Adding removable cushions and pillows takes extra time to clean so an extra fee may be added. Here is a good explanation for this:

Let’s say your average 3-seat sofa takes 45 minutes to clean. Then there’s 3 removable seat cushions and 3 removable back cushions. Plus 4 extra pillows. These extra cushions and pillows would add another 30 minutes to the cleaning.

You can also check out our more detailed Pricing Page. This page also has information on our other services.

Upholstery Cleaning Flint MI

Here is some general pricing for your upholstered furniture:

Dining Room Chairs                               $10-$20 Per

Rocking Chairs                                         $39

Recliner/EZ Chair/Lounge                   $49

Loveseat                                                    $59 (Reverse Cushions or Pillows $5 per)

Sofa                                                            $69 (Reverse Cushions or Pillows $5 per)

Sectional                                                   $130+ (Reverse Cushions or Pillows $5 per)

Ottoman                                                    $25