Carpet Cleaning FAQs Flint MI1. Do you guarantee your work?
Yes, we do. We have been in business in the Flint and surrounding areas since 1999, and
have exceeded so many expectations that we do not need to worry about dirt resurfacing
in your carpeting from incomplete cleanings as other cleaners might. We know we do not
surface clean or clean just the top inch or so of soil from carpeting.
However if on a rare occasion, a stain or spot we cleaned reappears, our promise to you is
we too will come back and do everything in our power to remove it. No questions asked! Simply call our office within 1 week from your cleaning and we can set up a time to come out and touch up the area in question. If it is humanly possible to remove a stain or spot -we guarantee that we at Absolute
ProCare can remove it and we will. Our #1 goal is to make you happy.
That said, we are forced to acknowledge some stains are permanent. Whenever possible
we will tell you if this is the case when we come out the first time. If you choose to have
us try anyway, we will do our best for you but obviously cannot be held responsible for
removing it. We do have other options for you in such a case, such as carpet patching or
heat transferring. One of our highly qualified technicians would be happy to explain more
after he has seen what your particular stain requires.

2. How long will it take for my carpet to dry?
The normal drying time is from 4 to 6 hours. Drying time also depends on
the thickness of pile and fibers, the weather conditions and the circulation of air in
your home.

3. Is your company insured?
Yes. We can provide you with a copy of our liability insurance as well as our
business license.

4. What can I do to prepare my carpeting to be cleaned?
Please remove any breakable and smaller items in areas that you want us to clean. We
will handle any heavier furniture such as couches, end tables etc, as we clean.
Your moveable furniture will then be placed on small foam blocks or plastic tabs to keep
the legs from touching the damp carpeting until it has had a chance to dry.
The most important thing you can do before we arrive is to give your carpeting a good
thorough vacuuming. 85% of the soil in a carpet will be removed from vacuuming. The
remaining 15% is the oily soil or spots. That is where we come in.

5. How Safe Are Your Cleaning Solutions?

We use some of the safest detergents in the industry. Our technicians are dealing with
these products on a daily basis, so our concern is for them as well as all of our valued
customers. These cleaning detergents are guaranteed safe around children as well as your
We also offer allergy-free cleaning solutions which are the safest, green products and the
most effective technology to assure not only your satisfaction, but your safety as well.
Whatever detergent is pre-sprayed onto your carpeting and/or furniture, we then rinse
with an extraction process using heated soft water.

6. I’ve Heard It’s Best to Put Off Having Your Carpet Cleaned as Long as Possible.
Is this true?

No. In fact, many of the major carpet mills today recommend professional cleaning at
least once per year. The build up of soil in your carpet in combination with foot traffic
creates abrasion that breaks down you carpet’s fibers. The higher the traffic in a given
area, the more often the carpet will need cleaning.

7. Should I Have My Carpet Dry Cleaned or Steam Cleaned?
The Major carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction (steam cleaning) as the
preferred method for cleaning carpet. Like the laundering of your clothing, steam
cleaning is highly effective in removing soil and other contaminants from your carpets.
Because we use 20 horse-powered truck-mounted equipment, our cleaning process
sanitizes your carpet fibers as well as rinses out all cleaning solution so that we can
guarantee to you absolutely that there is no residue left in your carpet fibers. Unlike “dry
cleaning” processes which just clean the top 2/3rd of the fibers and leaves cleaning
residue because they are not capable of rinsing.

8. I’ve Heard Carpets Should Never Get Wet. Should I Dry Clean Them?
Dry cleaning companies tend to use this scare tactic. Major carpet manufactures
recommend hot water extraction as the best way to maintain the carpets appearance and
warranties. The thing is to make sure you hire a company like Absolute ProCare who
extracts the majority of the hot water used in its cleaning, and guarantees completely dry
carpets in about 4-6 hours of cleaning.

9. Does Your Cleaning Process Soak the Backing of the Carpet?

No, absolutely not. Our process completely cleans and rinses all the fibers including the
lower 1/3rd of the fibers. No moisture penetrates through the backing or gets to the pad.

10. My Carpets Don’t Look Dirty: Why Should I Have Them Cleaned?

All carpets act as a sink. Carpeting filters and collects sources of soil, bacteria, allergens
and pollutants from the indoor environment. This collection and filtering process allows
carpet to trap contaminants within the carpet and, like any filter, it needs to thoroughly
cleaned out from time to time. These contaminants in your carpet can contribute to an
unhealthy indoor environment, whether in a home or office. These days, carpets are
designed to hide soil and maintain a clean appearance. By the time your carpet looks
dirty, it is very dirty. A soiled carpet will wear more quickly and will not last as long as a
carpet that has been properly maintained.
Truckmounted vs. Portable Machines
Our main equipment is mounted within the truck itself. Truck mounted equipment
is a more powerful and efficient machine vs. using a portable unit in your home.
With the truck mount equipment the only equipment that will enter your home is a
water hose, wand, and suction hose. All the waste water that is removed from your
carpet goes straight into the waste tank on the truck. We will not need to use any of
your electricity or water.
In certain conditions, especially cleaning furniture, we may opt to use our high
powered portable machine.

11. How can I be sure that a stain or odor is going to come out of my carpet?
No company guarantees every stain or odor will be completely removed after cleaning.
Likewise, we make no such claim. However, if anyone is going to be able to do it for
you, it would be us at Absolute ProCare. Our technicians are very well trained and highly
knowledgeable about the composition of stains and odors and what needs to be done to
treat them. You can only imagine how many stain and odor jobs we’ve seen, smelled and
treated. We’ve “seen it all” and have had great success -even in the most difficult cases.
And even the times we are not able to remove the stain completely, we can greatly
improve the problem. In case of irremovable stains such as bleach spots, we have a
talented carpet repair technician who can determine if carpet patching is a viable option.
In regard to odors, we have very effective sanitizers and deodorizers that we can inject
directly into carpet and this usually removes the odor entirely. For those rare cases that it
doesn’t, as with stains, our treatment usually greatly improves the smell. Below are the
steps we normally take for odor problems:

Absolute ProCare’s 1-2-3 Punch:

1. Thorough cleaning and sanitizing for minor odors.
2. Professional enzymes and malodor counter-attacks for moderate odor.
3. Pull pad, treat back of carpet and sub-floor then oxidize for bad odors.

What about pet odors?

The one problem with pet odor is that it can be much deeper than it first appears.
Pet urine can easily soak through the backing of the carpet and get into the padding
underneath. In more severe cases the urine can penetrate into the sub-floor
beneath the padding and create a problem that is multi-layered.
To eliminate this problem the urine must be removed and neutralized from each of
the layers effected. In the most severe cases, replacement of the carpet padding,
treatment of the under-side of the carpet and the sub-floor may be required. Even
replacement of the carpet, however, cannot guarantee complete removal of the
At Absolute ProCare we offer a range of solutions to help you with your pet odor
problems. In the long run it may be more a matter of proper maintenance instead of

total elimination. We love our pets and want to keep them a part of our family,
however, pet ownerships adds the challenge of maintaining a clean and healthy
home. At Absolute ProCare we can help you meet those challenges.

12. How does Scotchgard protector work?

Scotchgard products are fluorochemical treatments developed by 3M. Applied to the
carpet, they provide an effective protective treatment by surrounding each individual
carpet fiber with an invisible shield. Scotchgard protector improves the fibers resistance
to oil and water based stains, as well as soiling from everyday use.

13. How long does the protection from Scotchgard products last?

Under normal conditions and with reasonable care, Scotchgard protector will provide
long lasting benefits. 3M research has shown that Scotchgard protector is very durable to
foot traffic. However, performance will diminish somewhat over time and with each
cleaning. Scotchgard protector should be reapplied by a professional carpet cleaner after
each cleaning. Reapplying after every cleaning can enhance the protective properties of
the treatment.

14. Why doesn’t water bead up on carpet treated with Scotchgard protector?

Some carpet fibers may not exhibit the beading characteristic typically linked to
Scotchgard protector. This can be caused by spaces between loosely woven carpet pile.
This does not affect the stain and soil resistance of the Scotchgard protector application.
The liquid can be easily blotted up even if it does not bead up.

15. Does Scotchgard protector waterproof carpet?

Scotchgard protector is not intended to be used as a waterproofing agent for carpet.
However, it will provide improved resistance to water-based substances.

16. Does Scotchgard protector contain formaldehyde?
No. There is no formaldehyde in any Scotchgard product.

17. Is Scotchgard protector safe for children and pets?

Yes. All Scotchgard carpet protector products go through extensive testing and have been
safely used in homes for more than 20 years.

18. Does Scotchgard protector have an odor?

Scotchgard protector is odorless. Once applied to carpet, it does not release any
chemicals into the air. However other components in newly manufactured and installed
carpet may cause an odor for a short time. Proper ventilation will minimize this.

19. How should carpet treated with Scotchgard protector be cleaned?

Regular vacuuming is essential. Scotchgard protector helps keep dry soil and oily residues from sticking to the carpet fibers. This makes routine vacuuming more efficientand delays the need for cleaning.

20. How Soon Can I Walk on the Carpet?
You can walk on the carpets immediately, but make sure the soles of your shoes are
clean. Soil on the sole of shoes will track off onto the slightly damp carpet. Be careful
from walking from the carpets to solid surfaces it might be slippery.

21. How Often Should I Have My Carpets Cleaned?
The five largest fiber producers–Allied, BASF, DuPont, Hoechst Celanese, and
Monsanto–all recommend periodic professional cleaning. Most major carpet mills agree.
Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, recommends hot water
extraction cleaning by a trained professional. DuPont, in their report on “Indoor Air
Quality: A Technical Review of Carpet Contributions” states, “Since carpets do act
as a sink for many types of particles, periodic professional cleaning is very important”.
Exactly how often depends on a number of circumstances. DuPont recommends cleaning
at least once every 18 months. Other considerations increase the frequency rate: indoor
smoking, children, pets, & allergies are some factors to consider when determining the
ideal frequency for your home. Most of our clients are serviced every 6-12 months.

22. How Soon Can I Have My Carpeting Cleaned When I Call?
Generally if you call us today we can be there tomorrow. However in many
circumstances, if you reach us first thing in the morning, there’s a good chance we
will be able to offer Same Day Service.
Our general hours of operation are Monday Thru Saturday 9am – 5pm

23. Is There A Minimum Charge?

Yes. For all of Genesee County our minimum charge is $49.99, excluding Fenton and Goodrich. For those areas the minimum is $99.95 for up to 3 areas and a FREE Hallway. Surrounding counties will vary depending on your actual location. Please call our office for more

24. What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cash or check. We will also accept all major credit cards, but only through
Paypal at this time.

25. I Get Coupons All the Time for Really Low, Whole-House Rates. What is the
Difference Between You and Those Guys?

Sometimes when we are asked this, we don’t even know where to begin. We all know
the old adages “if something seems to good to be true, it probably is” and “you get what
you pay for”, yet some of us seem to throw caution to the wind when it comes to
choosing service providers for our homes. Absolute ProCare has invested thousands and
thousands of dollars into our business equipment, as well as continuing industry
education, insurance, gasoline, taxes, etc. We will never run a “whole house for $89.95”
special. Why? Because we wouldn’t be able to stay in business! It cannot be done for that
price. That is the bait to get the cleaners in the door. You can bet that the person sent to
your home has little or no carpet care training or experience. He will, however, be
schooled in high-pressure sales techniques. The switch is the next step. Extra charges for
spot cleaning, traffic lane treatment, basic furniture moving, even for a “cleaning
chemical” to be added to the carpet will rack up quickly. You lose in the end because
now you have paid much more than you ever expected, and your carpet has probably
been poorly serviced as well. Needless to say these companies use cheap harmful
chemicals and the residue is left in your furnishings. Companies who engage in these
practices are not ethical. And if they don’t practice ethics in their pricing, do any of us
really believe they are going to go the extra mile to make sure your cleaning is performed
with care? We have heard and seen enough horror stories to last a lifetime from folks
who couldn’t resist the siren call of a dirt cheap price. Ask around– some of your friends
and neighbors have used these “cheap” coupon people. Find out what their experiences
have been. And remember, the bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness
of a cheap price is forgotten.

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