Pet Odor Removal

Pet Urine Dog Cat Odor Pee Removal Treatment Flint MI MichiganAbsolute Procare understands that your family’s lovable pet can be your carpet’s worst enemy. When your pet leaves their mark on your carpet or upholstery, call us. We have a unique system to treat all types of pet messes.

In some cases our normal carpet cleaning process may be all that is needed. In more severe cases, the urine sometimes soaks through the carpet backing into the padding and floor beneath. In this case, the problem has become “multi-layered” and effective remediation must address each layer of the problem. Absolute Procare has developed a specialized method from removing these difficult pet odors and stains. When mistakes happen it’s time to call.


Topical Treatment- $15 Per Area.

This is the most common procedure and takes care of 75% of the cases we come across. An enzyme is added to our detergent pre-spray. We pre-treat the carpet with a heavier spray that what we’d normally use, making sure the treatment gets down to the base of the carpet. Finally, after the cleaning is complete, we post-treat the area with an aggressive solution to eliminate any odors that might have survived the cleaning.

Enzyme Flush- $35+ Per Area.

This treatment is for more serious pet odor issues. This is where the urine has soaked through the carpet and padding, making contact with the sub floor. Once the specific area in question has been determined, we literally flood that area with 2 or more gallons of a mixture of hot water and an enzyme solution, making sure it soaks through the carpet and padding, and reaches the sub floor. After 30 minutes of dwell-time the area is “deep vacuumed” to remove a majority of the enzyme solution. The carpet is then cleaned and can take a bit longer to dry. In this situation this is a good thing as the enzymes continue to work until completely dry. If our solution is able to make contact with the odor source, it will eliminate it. This service is generally priced by the job as a thorough inspection is needed beforehand.