Carpet Cleaning

Green Carpet Cleaning Flint MI MichiganAbsolute ProCare uses Hot Water Jet Extraction (commonly referred to as Steam Cleaning). We have some of the most top-notch truck mounted equipment in the industry. If you haven’t watched the video on the main page to see why we’re your Best Choice for carpet cleaning here in Flint MI and the surrounding areas.

Once I arrive at your residence, I will do a walk-thru with you, taking note of all areas you would like cleaned. I’ll ask you to point out any areas of concern (spots and high traffic areas).

I’ll go over pricing with you and provide a Firm Quote before beginning any work. Sometimes this causes confusion from giving “general pricing info” over the phone. Without seeing the carpet in person it is not possible to provide a Quote, and can only give you a Phone Estimate. The price given over the phone is usually right on but I might recommend a Deep Scrub service for any high traffic (soiled) areas, for example. Deep Scrubbing is the process of agitating the detergent into the carpet prior to the cleaning. This scrubbing process will provide a 30-40% improvement vs. not performing the Deep Scrub.

Another service I might recommend is applying a Carpet Protector post-spray (ie ScotchGard) after the cleaning. Carpet Protection is excellent in helping the carpet resist soiling and spotting. You can easily double the life of your carpeting by having your carpet cleaned every 12-18 months and having ScotchGard re-applied.

These additional services are only recommendations. I never pressure anyone into anything they don’t need or want! I want you to have a Great Experience with me so that you won’t hesitate to give us a call the next time you need something cleaned. Also, my business thrives not only on repeat customers, but also their referrals. We give incentive discounts on any referral you send our way. Click here for more info about our Referral Reward Program.

After I quote you a price, I’ll create an invoice. Absolute ProCare uses “mobile invoicing”. The invoice is created on my phone (or tablet). The invoice receipt will be emailed to you after the cleaning has been completed. If you don’t have an email address, no problem, I still carry paper invoices in the van.

After completing the invoice I bring in my equipment. A thorough vacuuming is recommended before cleaning your carpet. Depending on the amount of areas to be cleaned I will apply my pre-spray detergent to all areas, especially in the high traffic areas. I then start the cleaning from the furthest area and work my way to the point of entrance (usually your front door). The carpet is then cleaned using high pressurized water heated to about 180 degrees. The soiled water is then immediately vacuumed up and brought back to the waste tank on my van. The results are clean, soft, fresh smelling carpet.

I’ve been cleaning carpet professionally since 1999. You’ll notice I take my time, making sure I achieve the best results possible. With proper air movement your carpeting will be dry in about 4-6 hours. Heavier soiled areas or areas where Carpet Protection or a Pet Odor Treatment is applied might increase the drying time by a few hours.

I Guarantee you will be Absolutely Delighted with the results! Give us a call or if it’s after hours we are now offering Online Scheduling.

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