Carpet Cleaning Davison, MI

God made dirt and dirt don’t hurt…unless it’s on your carpet!

When you have so many options for professional carpet cleaning in Davison, MI how do you decide? You simply go with the company that has excellent customer service and the expertise to make your experience fantastic!
Our customer service representatives are the backbone of the company. They will be your first point of contact and we strive to bring you the first class service you deserve. Any questions or concerns you may have, our friendly staff is waiting to assist you! Don’t hesitate. Call us today!
 If you’re searching for an esteemed carpet cleaning in Davison, MI, there’s simply no need to look elsewhere. Our company can offer you the finest and most dedicated professional carpet cleaning service around, and we truly mean that.

Carpet Cleaning in Davison, MI

Best Carpet Cleaners in Davison, MI

Absolute ProCare has some highly skilled and capable carpet cleaning technicians working for our business. They’ve all been working in the carpet cleaning field for quite some time now. If you want service from technicians who know how to deep clean carpet to smooth and soft glory, we can offer it to you. That’s why they have the experience and expertise required to provide customers with carpet cleaning service that’s the finest of the finest. They also know how to treat carpet delicately and with the highest degree of care. Our technicians use gentle and mild formulas to clean carpet to glowing perfection. We avoid the use of any harsh and potentially harmful cleaning formulas around here.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Davison, MI

  • Carpet Cleaning

    Tiles Cleaning in Davison


    Tiles Cleaning in Davison


  • Carpet Repair

  • Upholstery Cleaning

  • Auto/Rv/Boats

  • Tiles And Grout Cleaning

  • Odor Removal

We offer a FREE deodorizer with all cleanings.


Carpet Cleaning Cost in Davison, MI




Carpet Cleaning $79.95 Minimum 2 Areas
Upholstery Cleaning $49






$10-$20 per (inspection Required)







Dining room chairs

Auto/RV/Boats $100



Full-Size SUV

Pet Odor Treatment $15

$35 + For More Serious Odor

Topical Posty Spray

Enzyme Flush

Carpet Fabric Protector $15 Per area carpet
VCT Strip And Refinish $200 Inspection Required
Tile & Grout Cleaning $75 Measured at $.55 Per Sq. Ft.

Final Pricing Will be Decided After Final Conversation.

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