Virus Treatment

Absolute ProCare can apply a Virus Treatment to your home or office. Using products approved by the EPA we can give any facility a “Flu Shot” against COVID-19.

We use Chlorine Dioxide (clo2) in liquid and gas form to fight viruses including COVID-19. ClO2 is not chlorine. This is a product that has been used for nearly a century to purify water. In heavier doses it was used to eradicate mold from the aftermath of massive floods like Hurricane Katrina. It was also used to eradicate anthrax at the Pentagon from 9/11. ClO2 is also being used to help folks with asthma and allergies.

Below is our 5-Step Process. Steps 2 & 3 are our most popular basic Virus Treatment which includes wiping down all high contact areas and fogging your entire home or office. Priced at only 10¢ per square foot ($249.95 minimum), this is a great deal! Add the 30-Day Protection for an additional 5¢ per square foot.

Here is our Complete Multi-Step Process:

  1. Using a stabilized version of ClO2 we can sanitize your carpet and furniture while we clean. This is a unique process that has only been around for a few years. Normally ClO2 has the ability to bleach out materials. Not anymore! With our process you can be reassured of a deep cleaning of all carpet and upholstery that removes any potential infection. NOTE: It was recently published that COVID-19 can remain on your shoes for up to 5 days.
  2. Using a liquid form of ClO2 we apply and wipe down any high contact surfaces. Tables, desks, light switches, keyboards etc. Needing only a few seconds of dwell time your high use areas are now germ free. (We also offer Complete Housekeeping/Deep Cleaning Services)
  3. Again, using the stabilized ClO2 we fog the entire home or office. Now your entire facility has been treated, including the air you breathe.
  4. Up until now, much like a traditional hand sanitizer, your home/office is now safe from any contamination. But as soon as someone enters that area that is infected, your place has now been infected again! We have a product that is also approved by the EPA to protect your home/office from reinfection for up to 30 days! Up to 90 days and longer for areas that are not considered “high contact”.
  5. Our last step is to place a product called Air Fresh 101 pouches into various areas that will protect the air you breathe. A low dose of ClO2 in these packets will filter the air. Originally used to protect medical facilities (especially waiting rooms) from the Flu virus. It has also been used for people suffering from allergies and asthma. You’ll find yourself with an added Breath of Fresh Air. The Air Fresh 101 packets last for 30 days. We can also provide extra packets.

It’s time to be Proactive instead of Reactive! The best defense against this virus is a good offense.

CALL TODAY to set up an appointment and we can answer any questions you have. If you need this service for a public facility we can even give you a Certificate of Completion to place in your window. When this pandemic is over, people will be on edge. This certificate will put them at ease.

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Legal Disclaimer: We are applying products approved by the FDA to remove viruses like COVID-19. Much like a Flu Shot, this will give you the best defense against infection in your home or office. Just like a Flu Shot we cannot guarantee your home or office will not become infected.